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Screw Pumps are an ancient positive-displacement pump that works like a conveyor. Also known as Archimedes screws or Archimedean Screws, Archimedean screw pumps are ideal for pumping unscreened liquids due to their capability to carry large solids and manage high-flow applications. Their common uses are for flood control, sewage lift stations, and primary influent.


Screw pumps collect "buckets of water" in the space between each screw flight with each turn of the screw itself. These buckets are carried up the trough as the pump rotates. The screw pump deposits the buckets at the discharge point - also known as the chute point - at the top of the trough.  


Archimedean screw pumps play a crucial role in flood control, working as an efficient tool to manage excess water levels. Their ability to handle large volumes of water with minimal energy consumption makes them invaluable in flood-prone areas. Whether installed in concrete, steel, or tube-type troughs, Archimedean screw pumps contribute significantly to mitigating the impact of rising water levels during flood events.

Archimedean screw pumps are an excellent energy-efficient choice for large flow applications. With wire-to-water efficiency averages in the 80% range for units mounted at 30°, you can achieve your pumping needs with minimal losses. 

Our screw pump designed by the experts at Landustrie, a renowned screw pump manufacturer, is based on a maximum desired capacity with a linear torque curve. These screw pumps are designed to self-regulate, eliminating the need to adjust the speed or other parameters, resulting in a corresponding reduction in power draw.

Open-flight screw pumps can run continuously while empty or overfilled with no detrimental effects on the equipment.


While Archimedean screw pumps have been around for thousands of years, our design and manufacturing professionals at Landustrie consistently enhance their capabilities. We are dedicated to maximizing the return on investment for every project. Landustrie has been a renowned technical expert as a screw pump manufacturer and designer since 1913.

EPIC / Landustrie Screw Pump Features & Benefits

  • Comes in two upper bearing designs: floor-mounted and gas-tight wall-mounted

  • Available with three lower bearing designs: traditional grease-lubricated, heavy-duty trunnion-type grease-lubricated, and Eco-Friendly oil-filled

  • Flexible design capability up to 5m diameter and 25m length, with the ability to manipulate features to reach the most efficient size and speed, as well as reduce initial costs

  • Made with all standard cast shafts, reinforced flight starts, counterbalanced lifting eyes, reinforced, sealed bolt holes in torque tube endplates, shot blasting, and full-factory painting

  • Multiple screw pump systems are offered: traditional open-flight screw pumps in concrete troughs, screw pumps in self-supporting steel troughs, screw pumps in tube-type troughs, and others

  • EPIC screw pumps are compatible with the EPIC flight deks, which are designed and manufactured in Virginia

Benefits of Choosing EPIC / Landustrie

  • Communication and responsiveness are priorities at EPIC International.  All efforts are made to ensure that each project's specific requirements are met from initial design to daily operation

  • Landustrie has unsurpassed technical expertise in screw pump design and manufacturing since 1913

  • EPIC International retains access to the best and most reliable sources of electric motors, gear reducers, couplings, and controls through EPIC’s many decades of relationships

  • EPIC works closely with owners and consulting engineers to design the most efficient screw pump system possible

  • Replacement of existing equipment by other manufacturers is an EPIC specialty

  • EPIC carefully coordinates with general contractors and owners during installation and operator training


Contact EPIC for screw pump specifications and technical documents for your project.

Open Flight Screw Pumps from EPIC International
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