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The EPIC Floating Mixer is designed to mix liquids of various viscosities without entraining atmospheric oxygen. This unique design allows the consultant or owner the option of either up or down pumping action in basins or tanks when the liquid level variation is a design condition. The EPIC Floating Mixer is used in alum sludge storage tanks, in SBR, or other aeration systems to supplement mixing in neutralization tanks. Although T-304 stainless-steel is standard, EPIC can fabricate your mixer of special 316 L S/S to withstand nearly any corrosive environment.

EPIC floating mixers working with aerators, provide a wastewater treatment solution that is low cost, easy to install, portable, and self-supporting. The Mixers are designed for trouble-free operation, longevity, and are easy to maintain.


Contact EPIC for mixer specifications and technical documents for your project.

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